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Delta-8 THC Soft Gels

Delta-8 THC Soft Gels

Delta-8 THC Soft Gels

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New for 2021, Delta-8 THC Gummies are now available as an optimal oral delivery system for Delta-8 THC, which can present some flavor challenges for typical edible products due to it’s slightly bitter aftertaste.

Delta-8 THC softgels are available bulk, or as White Label (unlabeled) or Private Label finished products.
  • 100% ∆9 THC Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Formulated for Optimal Bioavailability

Ingredients: Coconut Oil (MCT), Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol Hemp Extract, Gelatin Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin, Water, Polysorbitol)
Δ8 THC Range25 mg per softgel
Δ9 THC Range: 0%
Cannabinoid Concentration: 25 mg per softgel
Character/Appearance: Rose colored translucent capsule
7 Assorted Flavors: Pineapple, Apple, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Blueberry1
White Label Bulk: MOQ 3,000 pieces
Private Label: MOQ 15,000 pieces (Packed 30 per bottle, 75cc White HPDE Bottle)
Storage: Cool and dry, below 30°C, avoid direct sunlight
Shelf Life: 18 months unopened

Lab Analysis: Not all cannabis testing labs are accustomed to analyzing for the Delta-8 THC isomer. Inquire with your lab to confirm that they can properly present Delta-8 THC in lab results.